In January, these boys will no longer be sleeping on the ground!

From my experience in Asia, while they are gift-giving people, is that birthday’s are not overly celebrated.  They generally include a cake, singing Happy Birthday (in English), and family getting together.  There may be a gift given, but it is not expected.  And having a birthday party, with a theme and a bounce house is something no one here has experienced.

One of the questions that Sean and I asked the kids as we were getting their information was, “What is your birthday?”.  80% of our children do not know their birthday.  Most of our children were born in their village and not in a hospital and most of them do not have a birth certificate.  CCH children’s parents were not educated and they have always lived in the villages.  Often they will remember the day of the week their child was born but they don’t write anything down, time goes by and they move on.  When they get to school age, their principal will give them a birth date and it is often the first day of school.

In January they will be sleeping on Mattresses!!

Birthdays in rural India are very different than in the United States, but the children born are just as important.  The children of CCH have so much joy now that they belong and they are given hope.  They will be the the change agents for this area of India.  We are so excited about their future and we believe in their worth.  Often time it is the individuals that have come from nothing who make the biggest difference.

Be a part of these children’s lives by giving to my Birthday Campaign.  Our goal is to raise $3,500 in 35 days for my 35th birthday in order to provide the remaining 70 children in CCH, of 400, that are still sleeping on mats on the floor.

To donate click this link: Mats to Mattresses

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