Thandra Boys got their bunk beds last week and by Friday they will have their mattresses!

2013 has started off with this campaign and my 35th birthday!  And a Happy Birthday it is!  We have reached our goal!  Yesterday $140 came in pushing us over $4,700 for a total of $4,723!  This means that:

70 children who were sleeping on mats on the ground are now in bunk beds with mattresses – Goal #1 ($3,500)

AND 200 children will have pillows – Goal #2 ($1,200)

blowing out my birthday candles this morning



Thank you for the best birthday gifts ever!  Some people don’t like their birthday because they don’t like the attention or they don’t want to think about getting older, but I love my birthday!  So far, each year in my life has yielded something greater than the year before, which always leaves me in anticipation of the what the next year holds.  2012 was a really rough year.  We faced many challenges here in India and we were ready to move onto another year.  And then in August we found out we were pregnant.  And the year was redeemed!  Sean and I are learning to look for the redeeming parts of the day, the month, the year and celebrate those!

We have 400 CCH children and 400 CCH children will be sleeping on bunk beds and mattresses by Friday!

My mom always told me that she loved her 30’s!  I would have to say that my 30’s have been amazing!  And I am only half way through!  My mom and dad got married right out of college and had me, their first, when they were 25 years old.  My mom was finished having all 4 of us kids by the time she was 32 years old.  I spent the first year of my 30’s feeling behind, I wasn’t married, wasn’t anywhere near having children, and hadn’t even met Sean yet.  As I look back, I see all the things that I have had the opportunity to do and I feel like this timing, the timing I am on in my life, is perfect!

I hope that each of you who have been a part of this campaign somehow, can feel extra special this day, January 8th, as well as all throughout the year.  Knowing that the timing of your life is perfect for you and that there is always hope for what tomorrow may hold.  Giving is way better than receiving!

Make 2013 a year of giving for you and see how you feel this time next year!


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