Well, tomorrow I turn 35!  It is one of the most exciting birthdays I have ever anticipated.  Day by day thinking about all the children getting bunk beds and mattresses and now pillows too!  Wow!!  I love gifts and giving them is the best feeling ever, especially when it is the right gift!  And this is the right gift for these children.

This all started with Grace


Remember how this whole campaign started?  Grace, a 10 year old, asked her friends to bring money for CCH children for school supplies instead of bringing her a gift.  What a special gift she gave.  And now, with her $150 (3 girls getting school supplies) we have raised $4,383 for 70 kids to have bunk beds and mattresses and 200 children to get a pillow!  Amazing!  And one of my friends liked this idea so much that she is in turn doing the same thing; trying to raise $3,500 in 35 days for 70 children to get uniforms, shoes, and school supplies.  All because Grace wanted to give instead of receive on her birthday.

Children have the sweetest hearts.  One 8 year old boy give to our campaign $8 because he heard from his mom that the children were sleeping without pillows.  His mom let him give the $8 proudly and she knows that even the smallest gift counts because it came from the heart.

Punukula girls – May 2012


Do you have $6 to give a child a pillow?  Do you have $60 to give 10 children pillows?  We need $117 to finish this goal.  We have one more day until my birthday.  Is there anyway you can help us finish this campaign and complete it?

If you can help, use this link to donate:

Mats to Mattresses and Beyond

3 and a half more hours for me until my birthday but really I wasn’t born for 35 more hours…I guess I can start celebrating in 3.5 hours and finish celebrating on the 9th because it will still be my birthday in CA!!  So fun!

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  • Well Grace, you started something big. Happy birthday to you all over again. Your special day has created a special day for many many children. Yes, one person can make a difference. We can each be that one person at some point in our lives. Thanks Paige for introducing us to Grace, a young girl with a compassionate loving heart-a world changer. Thanks Paige for taking a clue from her and being a world changer yourself.

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