Smiles!  Birthdays bring so many smiles and I love smiles!

some of my favorite faces and smiles

Although a few birthdays had tears.  Every surprise party I have ever had (only 2) has started with tears.  It is not that I don’t like attention – those of you who know me, know that I don’t mind attention – it’s just that the surprise really gets me.  Then it takes a few moments for me to compose myself and I’m fine!  Let the party begin and we are all smiles!!

These kids that are getting their bunk beds and mattresses and full of smiles!  Right now, the bunk beds are being delivered, two 3 homes will get their bunk beds!  Mattresses are already delivered to 10 homes and 10 more will be getting them this week!  Thanks to all of you!

We have our staff in the villages getting pictures of all these kids and their new beds!  I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

If we raise only $170 more we will also give 200 children pillows with personalized pillow cases!  We are up to $4,530 raised in 33 days!!  Today and tomorrow are the last days until my birthday!  I know we can get $170 in these next two days!  Help bring more smiles to these cute faces!  To give pillows to kids who have never had a pillow before, click the link below!  Be a part of this beautiful birthday campaign!  It is so exciting to be so close to our goal at the end of the time!  Who will give today?

Mats to Mattresses and Beyond




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