Amazing!  3 more days until my birthday and $300 more needed to meet our 2nd goal!  Today is a special day, it is my dad’s 61st birthday!

Me and my dad – birthdays 3 days apart!

Last February on our way back to India, Sean and I were able to meet my parents in Sweden for a few days holiday.  We missed my dad’s birthday by about a month but we were able to celebrate him while we were together.  He turned 60 last year and so my brothers and sister and I made him a DVD of us sharing things with him.  It was really special to be able to celebrate with him.

One thing about my dad is that he doesn’t act 61 years old.  When we were young he always told us he could beat us in the mile (not sure that we ever tried), he played basketball with us in our front yard, and while we were in Sweden last year he went sledding!  He is full of energy and life!  Another funny thing about my dad is that he can sleep anywhere.  He is an amazing sleeper and he has passed those skills onto me, which I am very thankful for.  Often times at a party or any gathering, after the meal, we will find him in the recliner taking a nap.

Sean, me, my mom, and my dad in Sweden – February 2012

Our kids in India will love meeting my dad when he comes to visit in 2014.  He will play games with them, wrestle with them, and do whatever they want to do with him.  He is a hands-on kinda dad, even at 61!  Happy Birthday, Dad!  I love you!

Most of our CCH children do not have a father.  Father’s are often related with providing for the family.  In our CCH homes, the pastors, often called “Uncle”, get the feeling of being a father to 10 more children.  We are blessed to be able to partner the CCH fathers with the funds to provide bunk beds, mattresses and pillows for the children he is taking care of.  The glow in the fathers’ eyes when they see the joy on the children’s faces, is priceless.

Thank you for partnering with us to partner with the CCH homes to provide the things that the children need.

We are only $300 away from meeting our 2nd goal of $1,200 for 200 children to have pillows and personalized pillow cases.  We already met goal #1 which was $3,500 for 70 children to move off the ground mats into bunk beds with mattresses!  And to have pillows on top of that!  Ooooo the smiles!

To help us met our goal, click this link and make a donation!  Mats to Mattresses and Beyond



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