Happy New Year!!  There is so much to be happy about!

SN Padu Girls and their sparklers
SN Padu Girls and their sparklers

Goal #1: $3,500 in 35 days to get 70 children off of floor mats into bunk beds with mattresses!  Complete!

Goal #2: $1,200 in 7 days to get 200 children pillows with personalized pillow cases!  Only $405 left to go!  We have already raised $795!  So much to celebrate!

We can totally do this!  We have 4 days until my birthday! Share with your friends, encourage your neighbors with the stories of these kids and help us reach our 2nd goal!

SN Padu says, “Happy New Year”!  2013 is looking pretty good!

To donate use the link below:

Mats to Mattresses and Beyond



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