Our total in 30 days: $3,895.  Our new goal for 35 days: $4,700.  We still need: $805 in 4 days!

These are the Narsimgolu girls with their home father and pastor

Let me share a testimony with you about one of our CCH homes.  It is a story about the CCH home that I will be spending my birthday with, Narsimgolu.

James, our director asks for all the land that we build our homes on to be donated.  He wants the community/village to be involved in the home opening process and with donated land, they are invested.  About 2 years after our Narsimgolu home was up and running, the Narsimgolu pastor went to visit the man who donated the land to build the home.

The pastor was met with a huge smile and was invited into the home.  The land donator started telling the pastor that since he gave the land to CCH his reputation in the town has gone up.  He continued on saying that all the things that the girls are doing at school and how they behave in the village gives him a good name.  And he also told the pastor that his family has been blessed because he gave the land to CCH.  He said that if he had given the land to anyone else, he would not be as blessed as he is now.

July 2011 – School Uniforms

This gave the pastor the opportunity to tell him that the blessings he is receiving are from God.  This man is a Hindu but he and the pastor have a great relationship.  The pastor, Nathaniel, has the opportunity to be in this mans life sharing the truth with him.  CCH is making an impact on every village we are located.  The children do great in school, behave properly, and are helping to give back to their communities.

Giving these children bunk beds and mattresses and pillows brings a sense of dignity that shines through them for all to see.  They know they are loved and that makes a huge difference in the children’s lives.  Please think about giving, if you haven’t already.  We have a few more days and only $805 more to raise.

To donate click this link: Mats to Mattresses and Beyond

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