Again, today we took Hosanna to the hospital for a blood checkup.  Last week we were really excited about 60,000 for his platelet count.  This week his platelet count was 46,000.

Outside the hospital today

The doctors say that it is normal for the counts to go up and down like this.  We are thankful it is still above 30,000.  If it gets below 30,000 he has to go back to Hyderabad for more treatments/blood transfusions.  Please say a prayer for Hosanna to be completely healed.  Because the count went down, we are bringing him to Ongole again this Saturday for another test.  We just want to make sure we catch anything as soon as we can.  We will keep you updated.



Clockwise: Kim, me, Marci, and Cheryl! I love these girls!


My birthday is only 5 days away and I can hardly wait!  A few years ago, I was home for my birthday and two of my best friends planned a girls weekend.  Kim, is my freshman year roommate from college and Marci lived with us our senior year.  They are the best of best of friends!  I arrived at Kim’s house, where we would be sleeping, and I am giving them hugs and then all of the sudden Cheryl, who lives in Texas, comes out from around the corner.  I screamed, jumped up, and ran over to hug her!  It was a great surprise!  At the time, Asher, Kim’s son, was almost 2 and when I screamed and jumped up, I scared him and he started crying.  He wasn’t quite ready for my amazement!  I have friends that words alone can not describe.  My 33rd Birthday weekend was a fantastic time together, celebrating not only my birthday but our friendship.

I love that our CCH children are growing up in a home full of love and full of brothers/sisters with which they can be friends for life.  Maybe in 20 years, they will be celebrating each other’s birthdays with surprises like mine.

Jayasri and her life-sized pillow
Jayasri and her life-sized pillow


This year, I will be in India celebrating with some of my favorite CCH girls, the Narsimgolu girls.  We will go over to their house after they finish school and we will have games and cake and share dinner together.  It will be a special time celebrating with them.  I’ll be missing my friends at home but I will not be celebrating alone!

We are trying to finish this campaign strong by getting pillows for 200 children.


We need $1,200 in 7 days to do this.  We have already $300!  Only $900 to go in 5 days!  We can do it!  Join me in celebrating my birthday by giving me a $35 gift!  Donate using this link: Mats to Mattresses and Beyond


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