Today, I talked with my friends in Kansas and they are for sure making the pillow cases!  They are so excited to receive the list of the 200 newest CCH children.

Personalized Pillow Cases

These children, before coming into the CCH home, lived without much of their own.  Something that belonged to them.  Most of the children had a couple pairs of their own clothes but other than that, they don’t have much that is their own.  When we give Christmas gifts to the children, we make name tags so they know that this new outfit was bought specifically for them.  It makes them feel so good to see their name on something.

Putting their name on these pillow cases says to them, “You are cared for”, “You are loved”, and “You are special”.  It gives them dignity and allows them to feel proud to have something of their own.  We are so thankful for the Mother’s Together group who is willing to spend their day making 200 personalized pillow cases.




Jyothi so excited to receive her pillow!

We can help them by raising the money for the pillows!  $6 each…that is a great price for a pillow.  $35 will get you almost 6 pillows!  This is an opportunity for you to make a child feel extra special.

The original goal: $3,500 in 35 days for my 35th birthday!  Already met!!

The new goal: $1,200 in 7 days for 200 pillows!  We are making progress!

Total goal: $4,700 in 35 days to have all CCH children sleeping in bunk beds, with mattresses and a pillow!  Thanks for giving towards my birthday campaign!

Mats to Mattresses and Beyond


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