1.  What do you remember from your life before coming to the CCH home?

My name is Lazar I am studying 5th class.  Before I come to the CCH home I use to play on the streets.  I never obey my elders, and I use to speak very bad words to other children.  I used to go school but I don’t have an interest in school. And I don’t have a any vision for my life.  No one will care for my life no one is giving me direction to my life.  I always use to think, what’s going happens to me?

2.  What is the best part about living in a CCH home?
I came to the CCH home through my church pastor.  When I joined in a CCH home, a few days later, I feel want to escape from there.  One day my pastor made a prayer meeting in the church.  As I was praying, God showed me one small plant is growing very big like tree.  When summer comes that tree was never dry.   It’s getting very shining and then I don’t understand what it means.  After I finished the prayer I just told my pastor about this dream.  He explained it to me. Then I come to know Jesus loves me.  I come to know he never leaves me alone.

3.  If you going to describe God to your class, what three words would you see to describe God?
  • Jesus is great believe in him.
  • Jesus was died for you and me.  Will anyone died for you and me, “No”.  Do you know why?  Some people love us but no one will died for us. But Jesus loves us and he was died for us, so really He is great here.
  • Jesus will give victory for our life.

4.  In ten years, how old will you be? What do you want your life to be like at that time? 
In ten years, I will be 23 years old.  I just want to see in my life will be good and that I able to help to CCH homes. Those who are struggling, I will bring the children and I will keep in the CCH home.  I decided to study well and I will get a job.  I will be an engineer.

This is Lazar at VBS reading part of the story of Jesus walking on the water.  He is a very good reader in Telugu (the local language) and he is also very good at reading in English!

These are the boys of NTR Colony.  They are some of the sweetest kids!  They are in the school store getting their first pair of shoes!  We have 2 sets of siblings in this home!  Three of them are biological brothers and then we have two others that are biological brothers!  Now they are all brothers together!

Visiting these boys at school is such a pleasure!  Their principals and teachers have GREAT things to say about them!  The CCH staff is very proud of how these kids are doing in school!  Two of them are the top in their class!  Yeah Adithya and Anil!  Keep praying for the NTR Colony boys and their studies!

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