…the 2017 CCH Summer Camp Volunteer Team!


We have 9 volunteers from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK here with us to help with this year’s camp! This team has been a huge asset to us, and we are excited to have them! They just arrived in India a couple of weeks ago and hit the ground running, but not before taking some time to share their first impressions of India with us!



Meet the 2017 CCH Camp volunteer team, and check out their first impressions of India:


Ramon is from Louisiana and is getting his Masters at ORU. His first impression of India was: “it is a beautiful place, but it is also VERY hot.” He hopes to embrace his inner child at CCH camp and is looking forward to dancing with our kiddos! Ramon shared that “my goal is to serve God, my contacts, the leaders, and the kids of CCH with my all and do it boldly.”



Raegan is from Texas and is studying Convergence Journalism at ORU. Her first impression of India is “India never seems to stop moving. There are people, fruit stands, businesses, bikes,motorcycles, and busses everywhere! The people are amazing and inquisitive, and the food is all spicy.” Raegan hopes to buy a beautiful sari while in India, as well as overcome the language barrier and connect with the kids while showing them the love of Jesus.



Jamie is also from Texas and is studying International Relations at ORU. Jamie’s first impression of India was that it is super fast paced and there are people everywhere you look! Her fun goal for this trip is to visit the Indian Ocean, and on a more serious note hopes to show the children of CCH that they are loved not only by people but by God.


Haley is from Texas and is a Marketing major at ORU. She loved India right away, and described it as “very beautiful and radical.” She hopes to ride an elephant while in India, but also wants to remind the kids of CCH that they are loved and wanted by Jesus.


Samantha is from Oklahoma and is studying Elementary
Education at ORU. Samantha noticed right away that India was similar to other places she had been, like Mexico and Kenya, but with different people. She can’t wait to get her own sari, and also wants to step out of her comfort zone and help the kids of CCH on their walks with Jesus.


Hazel is from Papua New Guinea and is getting her degree in Global Ministry and Marketplace. She noticed right away that India has a depth to it. She said there is a richness and history and culture she appreciates. Hazel hopes to learn some Telugu words in order to be able to speak some with the locals, and she also hopes to share words of wisdom with the kids of CCH so that they may know Jesus alone is Lord!


Essence is from Oklahoma and is studying Medical Molecular Biology/Pre-Med at ORU. She was immediately amazed by all of India’s natural beauty, as well as the women’s attire which she described as “elegant and breathtaking.” Therefore, Essence is looking forward to buying her own sari while in India, but also hopes to immerse herself in India’s culture as much as she can.


Jocelyn is from New Mexico, and is joining us at CCH Camp for the SECOND time! Welcome back, Jocelyn! She is studying Early Childhood Education at ORU. Jocelyn continues to be amazed by the simplicity of how people live in India, despite the constant busyness. She hopes to get henna and maybe ride an elephant, but more importantly she hopes to obey everything God tells her to do during her time in India.


Alex is from Texas and is studying Ministry & Leadership at ORU. When asked what his first impression of India was, he simply said “curry.” Alex hopes to wear traditional Indian clothes while here, specifically pants, and wants to show Christ’s love to the kids of India.

We are so thankful for everyone on this team and the love they are pouring into our children! We’ll share more from this team soon! 

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