As many of you know, our little Hosanna has been dealing with Leukemia since June 2012.

Sharing a cheese pizza with me! His first try and he didn’t like it. I hope he tries it again sometime!

His mom brought him to Hyderabad this week because he started throwing up blood.  After the doctor looked at him, they basically told Hosanna’s mom they couldn’t do any more treatment at that center.  They gave Hosanna a horrible prognosis that has not come to pass (as the other 3 prognosis’ they have given, Praise the Lord).  Hosanna’s mom called our office and told us what the doctor said to her.  We made the decision to send me to Hyderabad with one of our staff members to be with Hosanna and his mom and ask some more questions of the doctors.

After an 8 hour drive from Ongole to Hyderabad, we went to the government hospital that has been treating Hosanna for the past 6 months.  I got to meet his doctor, who was very nice, and I got to meet Hosanna’s nurses and some of his friends.  When I talked with the doctor, she told me that 40% of children get cured from this type of Leukemia and if the children have relapsed then the cure rate is less than 20%.  The next step for Hosanna is a bone marrow transplant and they do not have the resources at the government hospital.

So we made our way to the private hospital where this treatment is a possibility.  After a 2 hour wait, we were able to meet with a doctor.  This doctor knows the other doctor and that was encouraging.  I was able to give the new doctor a summary and he confirmed what the other doctor said and then he talked with me about the next step of the bone marrow transplant.

Hyderabad Worship Team praying for Hosanna

In India, they only do bone marrow transplants if the person who needs  the transplant has a sister or a brother who is a perfect match for the transplant.  So our next step is to get Hosanna and his sister tested.  The test costs $100 each.  If it is a match then we will be able to move forward with treatment.  If it is not a match then we get to rely on faith alone to heal his body.

Hosanna’s mom is a little weary about giving Hosanna more treatment because of how it effects him.  She wants to only pray and have Hosanna eat well.  She is willing to have the tests done and then said we will talk about what’s next.  We have 5 days until Hosanna’s appointment in Hyderabad with his sister to test if they are a perfect match.

We will all head back to Ongole tomorrow morning and then come back to Hyderabad for the appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thank you all who have been praying.  Please continue to pray as we are not yet close to the end of this journey with Hosanna.


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