We need to join in prayer once again for Hosanna.

Hosanna's Birthday
Hosanna’s 10th birthday on November 10, 2012

As most of you know his platelet count is continuing to go down.  It has been over a week since his treatment ended and we are not seeing any improvement.  This week he got a fever and his feeling very weak.  He is unable to come and take his blood test this week.  We will put it off until Monday and see if he is feeling better.


Merry Babu praying for Hosanna


Here is what we know:

1.  Hosanna loves Jesus and knows that Jesus can heal him

2.  We serve a God who loves His children and wants to heal

3.  There is no more medical treatment that can be done for Hosanna

4.  We can give God all the glory when Hosanna is healed

Joshua praying for Hosanna



We need to work like it depends on us, but we also need to pray like it depends on God.” – Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker


Throughout this process we asked every question we can ask, we have gone to every doctor available in India and even asked about information for medical support outside of India, we have done chemotherapy, and Aryuvedic medicine.  We have also prayed over Hosanna, had others prayer over Hosanna, and had numerous days of prayer over Hosanna for each step that we have taken.  We have nothing more to do on our end except pray for a complete healing.

Praying for Hosanna
Megamala and Unkama praying for Hosanna

And that is what we are calling all of us to join together to do this weekend.  We have asked all 400 of our CCH children to fast and pray for Hosanna through dinner on Saturday night and Sunday night. We would like to ask you to join us in this prayer and fasting weekend.  We hope that we can join together to get on our knees before God and ask him to heal Hosanna.  When we join together in prayer, we believe miracles happen.  And we are believing God for a miracle for Hosanna.

All these pics were taken at our monthly gathering.  The children were praying for Hosanna, led by our staff, and the prayers of children are so sweet to the ears of God.  Let’s join them in prayer.

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