CCH is full of amazing God stories and we are thrilled for all that God is doing here.

We do have one prayer request for you.  Our little guy Hosanna, the one who is currently dealing with Leukemia, is turning 10 this Saturday, on November 10th – His Golden Birthday.  We had a huge party planned for him with all the CCH kids that are close enough to come.  Today we got a call from him and he is unable to leave the hospital because his blood count is too low and he is very susceptible to sickness right now.


We have two requests:


1.  His chemotherapy is fully covered by the government but any blood transfusions are not covered.  He is in need of 10 days of treatment to put white blood cells in his system as well as red blood cells.  This treatment is $40 per day.  We would love 10 people to sponsor one day for him and on the day that you give money, you also commit to praying for his complete healing.  We would also love to have pictures of everyone donating so we can send them to Hosanna and tell him that there are people praying for him.  If you are interested, could you please email me at: and send a family picture and I will send you the online link to donate.  This treatment will start tomorrow morning, November 7th.



2.  We would love to send his CCH “brothers” to Hyderabad for the day to have a party for him in the hospital.  The kids would travel on Friday the 9th and stay there the 10th and then return home the 11th.  They would have to wear masks but they could bring gifts and have cake and make Hosanna feel loved and supported.  They lived with him for over a year before all his sickness started.  They are praying for him and they are his friends.  We would love to do this for him with your help! Transportation is $15 per child and then food for those days would be $5, for a total of $20.  Would you consider sponsoring one of his CCH brothers to go to Hyderabad?  There are 9 brothers plus the pastor and his son to travel with the boys.  For a total of 11 people at $20 each.

If you would like to donate online please go to our website ( and click the donate button.

If you would like to send in a check:

Checks made out to “India Christian Ministries” with a designation for CCH
PO Box 3925
Dana Point, CA 92629 USA

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