Even though it’s two and a half years back, I still remember much of my time in India crystal clear. Five summer camps with the sweetest children on the planet went all too quickly. My heart was forever imprinted with the laughter and God-sized joy of over 545 kids.

At the start of our fourth camp, one bright-eyed little girl caught my eye right away, so I kneeled down, smiled big and said hello.

And she immediately ran in the other direction.

Throughout that entire day, I tried to make her smile with no luck. I had asked one of the camp leaders what her name was since I figured I wouldn’t get the chance to ask her myself. Her name was beautiful: Joshna (pronounced Joe-esh-nah, which means “moonlight”). But during the worship set that evening as we all sat on the floor, a tiny little girl plopped in my lap. You guessed it.


For the rest of those days of camp, my heart would tug as she would race across the room to hop in my arms. Although she was little, her personality was big. But while I was having fun, I was also a little frustrated. I couldn’t speak her language, and I knew Telugu wasn’t something I could learn overnight.

But while hearing her laugh, something finally clicked.

God is bigger than language barriers.

Our communication was purely through actions and facial expressions, which turned out to be more than enough. As crazy as it sounds, I felt like I got to have entire conversations with this little girl.. without a single word.

It’s easy to get caught up in the aspects of life that are beyond frustrating. Your devastating loss didn’t come with an explanation. You can’t comprehend why God isn’t answering your biggest pleas and most desperate prayers. Maybe someone else seems to be living your dream better than you are. Maybe all you want is for a three year old girl in the middle of India to understand how much you treasure who she is… but you don’t speak the same language.

Let me remind you: God is bigger. He has and always will be faithful, even when we can’t see it. His will is perfect; His plans are more extravagant than you or I could ever dream.  The more we loosen our grip on control, the more we can see God’s hand in everything.

Meet the heart-tugging, mango-loving Joshna.

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