1.  What do you remember from your life before coming to the CCH home?

Hi, my name is Durga and I am studying 4th class.  Before I come to the CCH home I use to live in very bad life and I don’t know what I am doing in my life.  I never go to the school.  I always use to think about my father.  No one likes me, because I use to speak very dirty word and they don’t like me.  I always feel alone.
2.   What is the best part about living in a CCH home?
I come to CCH through my church pastor. When I was new for CCH home I never talk with other children.  I feel scared, that’s why I being alone so many days.  But slowly I started to speak to other children.  They was showing a nice love on me when I started to speak.  I feel very happy and we all sing and dance and pray to God.  My life was completely changed into a spiritual life.

3.  If you where going to describe God to your class, what three words would you use to describe?

  • God is so great.  Do you know he was giving someone to help me to study?
  • When we love God and he also loves us more than this world.
  • When I pray to God and ask in his name, he will provide my all things.

4.  In ten years, how old will you be? What do you want your life to be like at that time?  

Now I am 10 years old.  After ten years I will be 20 years old.  So, when I am 20 years old I will become a doctor. That I can serve the people and poor children like me.

The S.N. Padu CCH home is located in middle of the town.  The pastor and his wife have 2 of their own children and they have brought in 9 orphans from the village.

We went to the beach with S.N. Padu while they were on summer break!  Durga had the best time with her new sisters!

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