We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.
-Fred Rogers

Hi guys. This blog post is switching it up and is going to be set in a cabin around Kansas City, KS– as opposed to across the world in the various homes of CCH in India. Instead of telling you about our children’s, pastor’s, and staff’s lives in India, today I want to take time to give you a brief update on the team behind our fundraising,  website/social media, logistics/planning, communications, and more.  

To begin on an informal note for you, this past year was filled with many exciting personal milestones for my teammates and me, including a few college graduations, a wedding, new jobs/moving to new cities, and a few of us are expecting! We all enjoyed catching up and seeing where life has taken each other (and we made sure to do so over some BBQ, being we were in Kansas City and all.)   We did have a few members missing this weekend, but they were there either in video form or in spirit. 🙂 After our time together as a team this weekend, I can truly say that God is ever so present in each of our lives- and our efforts with CCH.
This weekend, our team prayed together, shared about CCH at Heartland Community Church, heard from James- the Director of India Christian Ministries, and came together as a team to encourage and inspire each other regarding our responsibilities and goals for Covenant Children’s Homes.

Also, throughout this past year, our team read “Slow Kingdom Coming” by Kent Annan (a fantastic book, might I add) concerning the heart, questions, and processes that come with being a part of Kingdom work. We read the book and discussed a new chapter each month via email, and, this weekend, discussed some especially meaningful parts that we each found.One quote from the end of “Slow Kingdom Coming” that encapsulates the heart of the CCH Development team is this:

“The title Slow Kingdom Coming is for me a lament: we confess that we long for change and we long for it to come soonerSlow Kingdom Coming is also a commitment: we see the need for faithful ways that avoid shortcuts and live out the vision of the kingdom each step along the way, that we would be transformed and be part of transformative work. And, finally, Slow Kingdom Coming is a declaration of hope. It’s not here yet, but we believe and are willing to give our lives to living out this belief.”
p. 132

I think I can speak for the whole CCH Development Team when I say we’re very expectant and hopeful about this upcoming year for Covenant Children’s Homes. God is moving in Covenant Children’s Homes, India Christian Ministries, and India itself. We’re also believing we will get all of our current CCH homes fully sponsored.

To say the least, we were blessed by each other and by this retreat. It didn’t seem like it had been a whole year since we had all been together!

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