In Part 1, we told you about a few of our students who are currently working towards becoming teachers and engineers. We are so proud of how hard they’re working and how far they have come. It’s amazing to see God’s hand at work in each of their lives.

Today, we have some more students’ dreams we want to tell you about 🙂

Indian Government: The Indian Police Service (IPS) is currently facing a shortage of police officers, while also dealing with corruption within different ranks of the IPS. While a situation like this may make some wary of joining, we have CCH children who see these obstacles as an opportunity to help themselves and their country while also shining the light of Jesus to the people they will encounter. The IPS will greatly benefit from CCH children who have been raised demonstrating leadership, integrity, empathy, respect, and courage. Students have to go through a 3-Part Civil Services Examination process, which includes multiple exams, an aptitude test, interviews, and nine written papers, in order to work for the IPS after finishing school. Screenshot (98)

Hari is one of our students who dreams of working for the IPS so that he can serve his country. Hari explains that he grew up with many difficult family situations and that his education is providing a way to provide for himself, his family, his country, and maybe even CCH someday!

We also have a student named Charan who is in college so that he may one day work for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) with the hopes of being promoted as a District Collector (Administrative Officer). For those of you who don’t know, a District Collector is a person within the Indian Government that is considered to be the chief executive of their assigned district. Some duties the District Collector will have include being in charge of creating and maintaining peace within his district, creating and implementing programs specifically for their districts problems/needs, being a part of the taxation collection process, and overseeing the operations of the police in his district. Screenshot (99)Charan wants to use his education to serve his home country, with the orphaned being especially near to his heart. Charan would love to use his position to help orphans like himself.


According to the Medical Council of India, India presently has one doctor for every 1,681 people. This is a severe shortage of doctors and medical practitioners, which results in deficient care for hundreds of millions of people across the country. With such a shortage, it is easy for any medical staff to treat patients as just another face, rushing to provide care in the shortest amount of time. Because the CCH students have gained a solid foundation of Christian ethics and values, they understand there’s so much more to holistic care. They know their hands that set bones back into place and sew stitches are the same hands God has given them to be healers. They know God is the ultimate healer and through Him, anything is possible.

Screenshot (101)

Mery Babu is studying Biological Science to become a doctor. Above all else, he wants to help the poverty-stricken. After both of his parents passed away, he still saw God’s faithfulness and to this day, has a heart filled with compassion and helping others. The poor virtually have no access to good healthcare, and Mery Babu dreams of changing that. Providing even basic medical care can be life or death for someone who can’t afford it. With doctors like Mery Babu, the poor can see the goodness of God and also find healing!

At CCH, we invest and believe in each of our students. We pray for them to find their passions that God has gifted them with and that they do their best in school. If you would like to make a donation or sponsor a child, check out the donation tab on the top of the page. If you have any questions or would like more information, email and we will connect you with the person who will get you all the information on sponsoring a student for college! We would also greatly appreciate prayers for each of our students as they prepare for exams!