As you’ve seen us post this month, education is an essential piece of CCH. CCH challenges students by putting them into some of the best English schools and expects each student to work hard while finding their own passion. We encourage our students to strive for their best, hold nothing back when dreaming of their future and most importantly, pray about it. We have about 30 students we’re supporting through college so far, with their degrees going towards education, engineering, medicine and government-police positions. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of October to put toward our College Scholarship fund.

Teachers: We have some of our college students working towards a degree in teaching. Because they have received an education themselves, our students understand the importance and impact that an education has on a child’s life. It’s not common (yet!) to see orphaned Indian children receive the same opportunities and quality of education as other kids.  This has inspired our students to become teachers so that they can teach with enthusiasm, compassion, excellence, and with the love of Jesus.

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As our teens volunteer as leaders during CCH’s annual summer camp, they get to experience being a teacher as they prepare and share a lesson with groups of children during different sessions throughout the summer camp schedule. Komali (pictured on left) is one of our students studying to become a teacher. Komali is studying very hard and doing well in one of the best English medium schools in her district. Komali also has a passion for singing, dancing, and painting, which she loves teaching the younger children about.

Engineers: Engineering is a popular route because of the job’s stability. After studying for four or five years, one can hope for a well-paying job. Most dream of this kind of position for wealth and lifelong security, but our CCH world-changers work to become engineers to make a lifelong impact.

Manisha doesn’t let being a girl slow her down from reaching her potential. She knows her worth and value are immeasurable! She’s reached high merit marks in mathematics, physics and chemistry and is working hard to become an engineer. She knows she’ll be able to bring fresh insight and perspective into the engineering field by combining her faith with science. We have students working to become both mechanical and civil engineers who work hard to support themselves, their families and the next generation of CCH.

Screenshot (97)Naresh (pictured on left) is very happy to be a part of CCH to grow holistically and serve the Lord. He wants to support to the poor and orphans as well, so others can have the same chance he was given.

We’re really proud of our future teachers and engineers and know that God has big plans for what’s ahead. Check back with us on Thursday as we touch on two more fields that our children are working hard to get into!