If you’ve followed CCH for any length of time, you know we believe in a lot of things, but two things that are recurring themes for us are restoring dignity and redeeming childhoods. One of the best (and most fun) ways we’ve come up with to combine these two things is our annual CCH Summer Camp!


Summer Camp is an unheard of concept in rural India. Literally, our kids had no idea what “summer camp” even was before we started hosting it every May in 2012. It did not take long, however, for them to realize that summer camp is a good thing. A very good thing.


Each summer, our kids travel long distances to gather together with kids from other CCH homes for a few days of worship, learning, creativity, relationship building, dignity restoration, and kids being kids. We bring out the bicycles and trampolines between Bible lessons and worship. Ice cream and fresh mangos are special treats after cricket games between old and new friends alike from multiple CCH homes. Beautiful pictures are painted, joyful noises are played on instruments, and talents are discovered.


We are so grateful for everyone who donates to make CCH Summer Camp a reality year after year. We would love for you to consider donating again this year, as it’s our regular donors who make this special experience happen summer after summer.
We are also looking to welcome new donors who are willing to partner with us to make CCH Summer Camp as special as ever this year. We received a generous gift of $2,500 towards camp from a new CCH donor. This gift was given with a challenge to draw $2,500 more in donations from other new CCH givers to match it. If you have never given to CCH, or haven’t given for at least 3 years, we invite you to please consider the financial role you can play in CCH Summer Camp 2018 and in helping us reach this goal!

Sponsoring a child for camp is just $25, and by giving $25 as a new donor you are coming alongside the donation already made to see not 1 but 2 children attend CCH Summer Camp this year. Your first time donation sees to it that we are able to provide Double the Dignity this May!

Tax-deductible donations for CCH Summer Camp 2018 are welcomed from new and current givers alike at https://icm.kindful.com/covenant-childrens-homes/camp-decade-of-dignity.


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