Last week my team had the opportunity to live at the Nelaturu CCH Home for four days. Like the other homes we have visited, we built a fence, ate mountains of white rice and loved on the children in the home. Here are the three things that stood out to me most about this home:

after church
After Church

Church: I watched our 10 beautiful girls praise the Lord with their whole hearts. I was able to preach about the stories of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to a room full of people who had never heard the stories of the lions’ den or the fiery furnace before. I had the opportunity to share about the importance of honoring the One True God to a congregation made up of former Hindus who worshipped cows. After church there was literally a line of people in front of me wanting me to pray over them.

Chickens in the house



Chicken: There are several chickens that live inside the home. With the exception of it being difficult for me to eat chicken while watching a bunch of chickens run around, they provided a considerable amount of entertainment. At one point the children were throwing the poor chickens into the air as high as they could and giggling hysterically.

Nelaturu Chickens
They are hatching



It was simultaneously horrifying and humorous. One of the chickens, that lives under one of the bunk beds, laid several eggs that we were able to watch hatch. The baby chicks were so precious, except for when they go to the bathroom all over your hand.

Henna Party

Henna Party: One night after dinner we busted out some packages of henna and went to town drawing all over our eager subjects. These sweet girls didn’t care that I am the least artistic person in the world, they let me draw silly swirls all over their hands. And it must not have been that bad, because they came back, begging me to paint all the way up their arms. I thought it looked ridiculous, but they thought it was beautiful. And for the next two days every time I saw them they would stick their arm out to show me, exclaiming, “Sister, super!”

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