It is Christmas Time in India, even though the weather does not permit a White Christmas, we are still so excited to celebrate!

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CCH Christmas Banner

All of our children will arrive tomorrow morning – as early as they can get here – anticipating what the day might hold. They will be wearing their very best clothes and will walk into the hall that is fully decorated for Christmas!  There will be balloons and lights (even though it is morning) and when they find their seat, they will be given a cinnamon roll, to bring a little of American tradition into their Christmas.

Because we are in India, where Christmas is not celebrated, the children will be missing school to come to our Christmas party.  We have checked with all the schools and made sure there are no exams and the principals gave them permission to miss the day of school.  The children were thrilled!

We will have songs, performances, a special chicken lunch, cake, candles, and lots of pictures being taken!  I will be updating pictures this weekend!  It will be a blessed day with 15 homes that are within driving distance.

Thanks to so many churches, individuals, and home sponsors, all 400 of our children were sponsored for camp.  The pastors children were also sponsored as well as the pastors and their wives!  Everyone at the party will receive a wrapped package!  We are so excited and so thankful to be able to be here with these kids that we love so much watching them light up when they receive their gift.  All of you made this possible!  Thank you for bringing Joy to India this Christmas!

Stay tuned for the after-photos of this great Christmas Celebration!

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