orphaned or abandoned no more
Orphaned or abandoned no more
this is what dignity looks like
This is what dignity looks like
if we had a 5th core value it would be "fun"
If we had a 5th core value it would be “fun”
So many people from all over the world help us achieve these 4 core values
So many people from all over the world help us achieve these 4 core values
Isn’t that how many you are supposed to have?

A.  Dignity

When a child has been orphaned or abandoned, questioning her own self-worth is inevitable.  When a child is a low-caste orphaned or abandoned child in India, there is very little in society to give them hope as human beings.  Dignity is the elevation of character and worthiness in a person.  Building into these children the dignity they have in God’s redemption for their lives is critical to their transformation from the orphaned or abandoned spirit to one adopted and restored with the identity that Jesus instills in their hearts.

B.  Service

The transformative vision for these children is for them to not just survive being orphaned or abandoned, but to thrive as educated and discipled men and women who have a purpose in their lives to thrive, and in turn give back to their communities and the region.  This giving back will primarily be in the form of service, whether professionally or personally or both, always considering their Kingdom opportunities for the long-term transformation of Andhra Pradesh.  Additionally, the value of Service is meant to represent the Biblical model of servant leadership in a culture that is hierarchical and servant-oriented in all of the broken ways of the world.

C.  Worship

These once-orphaned or -abandoned children are now fathered by God and worship is the expression of this mutual love and adoption.  Cultivating a heart for worship in these children is central for the spiritual transformation necessary to establish their identity as adopted sons and daughters of God.  All other values of Covenant Children’s Homes are intertwined with this value of worship, these children knowing their true identity and living it out in a worship-filled sense in every area of their lives.

D.  Holistic Restoration

Rebuilding the physical, cognitive and spiritual health and strength of these children is the only way to bring true transformation, individually and communally, to the villages and cities of Andhra Pradesh.  To break the cycle of poverty requires a holistic approach to renewing each child’s personhood and dignity.  Education, discipleship and physical health are critical to the hope and vision of a transformative role for these children in India’s future.

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