This is the 2nd year for us to raise funds for our CCH children for a Christmas gift. The smiles that were on the children’s faces last year as they received their first-ever wrapped present, with their name on it, were priceless.  The CCH staff takes the time to make a name tag for each gift, wrap each gift, and give each gift of love for these children.  This year we have 400 children we get to bless with a Christmas gift as well as 85 pastors’ children.  To sponsor a child it is only $25.


We are blessed by so many churches and organizations and individuals who give to the CCH Christmas Campaign.  Without these financial gifts we would not be able to give such wonderful gifts to these amazing children.


Special Thanks to:

Warm Blankets Orphan Care, Chicago, for talking with donors to give Christmas gifts

La Canada Presbyterian Church, Southern California, for having CCH in your Christmas Market

San Marino Community Church, Southern California, for having CCH in your Christmas Market

Nehemiah Project, in Indianapolis, for making CCH a part of your “Advent Conspiracy”

Individuals from Colorado Springs to Tulsa, OK to Central Kansas for “adopting” a group of children and finding sponsors for them

Here at Covenant Children’s Homes in southern India, we are blessed with so many giving hearts that partner with us to love on these once orphaned or abandoned kids.  After they receive their Christmas clothes, dignity begins to be restored in them.  When the founder of CCH was recently looking through some pictures of our kids, he said, “These kids don’t look like orphans anymore.”  We believe that as the Lord restores their soul and spirit from being abandoned or orphaned to being a child of God, and that we have the opportunity to reflect this renewed dignity in their physical appearance through these Christmas gifts.


The clothes that we are giving are high caste dresses for the girls who are in a low caste.  These dresses could never be affordable for them on their own. The boys are receiving jeans/khakis and collared shirts which is the fashion right now.  As you can see, in the faces of these children, there is so much joy when receiving these gifts.

Join us in Restoring Dignity this Christmas Season.



To donate online, click on the link below:

To donate through check:

U.S. Mail and Support:
Checks made out to “India Christian Ministries” with a designation for CCH Christmas
PO Box 3925
Dana Point, CA 92629 USA

All gifts are tax deductible and CCH receives 100% of any gift given through either method.  Thank you in advance for being a part of the change here in India!


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