All my life I have dreamed of being a teacher.



However, I never dreamed that this would be what my classroom looked like.





Or that this would be the cafeteria.





I never thought that the door to my classroom would look like this.






And I sure never dreamed that I would be teaching THIS:





I never dreamed that my before-class prep work would include filling cups of paint with syringes.





Or that I would spend at least an hour a day cleaning little, brown hands with paint thinner.





And I never dreamed that this would be what I looked like at the end of a day of class.



However, at CCH camp 2012, my dream of being a teacher came true in all these crazy ways and more.

8I’m Amber, a 21 year old from the middle of Kansas. I’ve been to India and worked with Sean, Paige, and CCH for two summers now. At camp last year, I taught the painting class. 100 Indian children who had never painted before, never seen an easel, never had a chance to make their very own picture.

I spent most of my time trying NOT to get oil based paint on my new saris. However, once a brush was put into the hands of each of these children who were getting to experience a whole new world, all the mess, effort, and did I mention messes?, were SO worth it.

9I never planned on going to India. In fact I like to say that India chose me.  I am eternally grateful, though, that God had India as part of the plan for my life. I am forever changed by these beautiful faces and lives that CCH cares for.

I could spend hours telling you about all the memories I have from my time in India. These days were full of life and full of new experiences for these beautiful children who have suffered so much and deserve more than the lives they’ve had to live. CCH is able to give them more of what they deserve, and experiences like camp are just icing on the cake.

10I know it sounds cliché, but sending an Indian orphan to camp does seriously change their lives. I’ve seen it firsthand. The light in hundreds of little brown faces is incredible, as is watching them experience things for the first time that we take for granted – their first pillow, a piece of fruit all to themselves, getting to paint a picture, learning how to play a scale on a keyboard, and the list goes on. The beautiful, pure worship that comes from these innocent hearts is enough to bring tears to anyone’s face, and the countless hugs and kisses don’t hurt either!

From an American who has been there and seen it first hand, camp really does change these kids’ lives. $50 is a small investment to help these children who have experienced unimaginable things get to be a kid and enjoy just getting to have fun for a few days.

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