This past September I met Grace.  She is 10 years old.  Her mom traveled to India earlier in the year with a team to meet some of the CCH children that their church sponsors.  When I went to Grace’s house, she came up to me with an envelope and, a little shy, wanted her mom to share what was in the envelope. With a little encouragement from her mom, in a quite voice, she told me that there was $150 in the envelope for school supplies for some of the children in India.  With a little more probing from her mom, Grace continued the story. She told me that she asked her friends not to bring her gifts for her recent birthday party but to bring money to give to the children of CCH in India. Wow! Because of her love, 3 CCH girls in India were given 2 uniforms, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of socks, a school bag, and school supplies.  Amazing!  For her birthday she wanted do the giving.


Grace’s giving is where I got my inspiration for my birthday this year.  Celebrating my birthday is one of my favorite things!  It is a day set aside for all the things I love!  I have even taken it to another level of saying “But this is my Birthday Week” and I  may have been caught thinking, “January is my birthday month”!  The more celebrating the better, right?!

This coming year on January 8th, I turn 35!  It feels a bit crazy, but I am so excited!  At 25 I was in Santa Barbara buying my first car.  At 30 I was in Bali celebrating for a week with one of my friends.  At 35 I will be in India loving on some of my favorite kids, along with my husband who loves and celebrates me so well.

As I turn 35, I want to have the heart of Grace, a 10-year old giving on her birthday.  So, I decided to have a campaign for 35 days to raise $3,500 for CCH.  I asked myself, “Do I have 100 friends who would give me $35 for my birthday”? I came to the conclusion of “Yes!”  So, let’s see if that is true!  Today marks 35 days until my birthday!  I will blog every day for 35 days, some short, some long, mostly about birthdays, about CCH, about being 35, and we will offer a chance to give for the 35th!

We currently have 400 children living in 40 CCH homes.   When children move into the homes they start out on mats on the floor and as we raise funds they get bunk beds that they call cots. This gets them off the ground, which they are happy about. Then we raise money for mattresses, which brings in the comfort and the children are thrilled.  Below is the breakdown of our 400 kids.

200 children are in bunk beds with mattresses!  YAY!!

130 children are  in bunk beds without mattresses.

70 children sleeping on mats on the floor.

This last week we just got a donation for 200 mattresses.  We are in the process of getting the mattresses for 130 children that have bunk beds.  But the 70 children that are still on the ground need their bunk beds before they get mattresses.  The $3,500 will cover those 70 children for bunk beds.

January 8th, 2013 – 400 children are in bunk beds with mattresses!

Please think about following this journey of 35 days as I approach my 35th birthday throughout this holiday season and think about if you might be able to give to help us reach the goal of $3,500 in 35 days.

Click the link below to give me the best birthday gift!

Mats to Mattresses 




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