The CCH children are amazing!  Each with a unique story, a brilliant smile, and a bright future!  We are so thankful for all the pastors and their wives, the church members, and the CCH staff that makes this program run so amazingly well!
Here are some pics from the Northern trip, along with one beautiful story of Monika.

Somavaram girls in their bedroom  
Some of the Domakonda girls enjoying the bubbles
Choppakatlapalem Girls with their school bags

Punukula girls with their finished puzzles

Saravaram boys loving the games
Monika’s smile made our day the minute we saw her face…let me explain why.
In April when we went to see the facilities before the children moved in, we were able to meet Monika.  Her eyes were dark and she was a very sad.  When we were praying for all the children, I felt that she needed some extra prayer because I thought she might be having nightmares.  I talked with the pastor and we pulled her aside and were able to talk with her.  Indeed she was having nightmares and she was afraid to fall asleep at night.  We asked if we could pray for her again and ask God to protect her in her sleep.  She let us pray for her. 
This is Monika
When we saw her last week, she had bright eyes, a smile, and joy was pouring out of her.  I asked the pastor what changed.  He told me that she had run away twice in the night and that someone in the village had brought her back to the home.  He had a talk with her and asked her not to run away.  She said she wanted to stay in the home but felt like she needed to run away.  He told her to pray and ask God to help her stay in the home.  At first she would just repeat the prayer after him and then she was able to do it on her own.  She has not run away from home since, she doesn’t have any more nightmares, and her face, when she prays, just lights up!  
Our God is so good and He loves these little ones so much!  Praise the Lord for the work done in Monika’s life through this pastor and the CCH home!  This is why we do what we do! 

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