About a week ago, we introduced you to Ajay, one of our boy’s from Covenant Children’s Homes whose life has been changed by a CCH Home Sponsorship. Today, I’m going to introduce you to Sukanya, one of our oldest CCH children who is currently in her second year of college!

Sukanya comes from the state of Andhra Pradesh, where she grew up in a poor village where her future was headed towards the options of working in the fields or laborious jobs, such as rock quarries. When Sukanya was very young, her father passed away from a heart attack, leaving Sukanya’s mother with complete responsibility for caring and providing for her family. Sukanya’s mother was ill-equipped and struggled to provide for her family, which is where CCH came in. dsc_1163-copy

Sukanya became a part of the Pernamitta home and was provided with one of the best college-preparatory educations near her home. She enjoyed learning and excelled at picking up English, surpassing her classmates early on.

Now we fast-forward — 9 years later — and Sukanya is going to finish her second year of college, putting her one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a police officer. Sukanya is 18 and one of 40 students we are currently supporting for their college educations. God has placed a strong desire to help people in Sukanya’s heart and she wants to live that out through law enforcement.

Sukanya would be living a completely different life if she had not found a place in our CCH Pernamitta home. Her life has been placed on a more positive path, because of the education she has received, the healthy, encouraging family she has become a part of in the Pernamitta home, and through the love and example of Jesus Christ, which she now carries in her heart and mind.

We would love to have all of our homes “sponsored”, where consistent families/businesses/church groups/etc. are connected to homes and receive updates on their children. This provides the children with the names and faces of people who believe in them, in CCH, and in what God is doing for India. Our goal is to finish sponsoring the 19-unsponsored-but-supported homes in CCH. You can click here for our list of 4-ways you can become involved in Sponsorship September.

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