In a Covenant Children’s Home, we create an atmosphere of love and belonging, where the children not only have the pastor’s immediate family taking care of them in the day-to-day, but the entire church family nurturing them as they grow up.

This gives them a solid foundation emotionally, physically and spiritually. A child in a Covenant Children’s Home has gone from orphaned or abandoned to:

  • A church home with parents – a local pastor and his family.
  • A family-style living environment with nine brothers or sisters.
  • An English speaking education in order to learn their way out of poverty.
  • Daily discipleship and worship, growing in a relationship with God.
  • Likelihood of being the last of their biological family to ever experience poverty.

There is hope. There is a way to adequately address poverty with our eyes focused on the long-term future.

India Christian Ministries intends to create as many Covenant Children’s Homes as there are established ICM churches that can support a children’s home facility, which is now approaching 200 with a long-term vision for 1200 homes, serving over 10,000 children. With a solid family structure and educational opportunities, these children in crisis will grow up with dreams that have the potential to see fulfillment – for their village, for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and for India, the India that will play a major role in the future of globalization and the world at large.

In 2012 Covenant Children’s Homes opened 20 more church homes for 200 more children for a total of 40 homes and 400 children. These homes cover a much larger geographical territory, encompassing the entire state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where India Christian Ministries is based. In 2013 CCH opened 30 more homes of 5 child for a total of 70 homes and 550 children. The vision for 2015 and beyond is to reach more and more children, impacting more and more families and villages and bringing regional transformation for the long-term future of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.