About Us

Covenant Children's Homes is a nonprofit dedicated to providing family-style homes for children in crisis.

children in both 5- and 10-child homes
village church-based children's homes
CCH children attending college
families ready and trained for children, waiting for sponsorship

Covenant Children’s Home is based on the idea that children do better in consistent, healthy, family-style living situations, rather than institutionalized care (which is unavailable or very poor in India). And the results have been amazing.

We focus a lot on education and a healthy support system for families. We believe that healthy support leads to a healthier life for the children. Our focus on education is tied strongly to the fact that education is not universally available in India. As such, it is a strong indicator for success.

Our families come through another program by our parent ministry (ICM). They are indigenous couples who have dedicated their lives to spreading the Gospel by planting and/or pastoring small house churches. The children are referred to us by village leaders, pastors, or friends who know the child or family. They are either orphaned (both parents gone) or semi-orphaned (one parent gone and the remaining parent is unable to care for them).

CCH has 3 coordinators overseeing the administrative side of operations.

Suresh | CCH Homes Coordinator
Suresh | CCH Homes Coordinator
Sandhya | Ongole Accounts Coordinator
Sandhya | Ongole Accounts Coordinator
Vijay | Hyderabad Office Coordinator
Vijay | Hyderabad Office Coordinator

Sean and Paige Whiting are from Southern California and began working with the children of CCH in February of 2011. They were inspired by the work of India Christian Ministries and decided to join in the efforts to bring transforming love and work to this state in India. With backgrounds in education, they direct the overall efforts of the Covenant Children’s Homes ministry, playing an important support role to the main participants, the pastors’ families and the children.

The Covenant Children’s Homes staff works hard to provide the support and help needed for the pastors’ families to take care of the children.  Food distribution, overseeing the children’s educational process and progress, implementing various ideas and activities for the children, these are all elements of a CCH staff member’s role.  Our staff members devote themselves wholeheartedly to this endeavor, often traveling many weeks at a time throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telengana to ensure that our program is running smoothly and effectively.

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The CCH Pastors/Home Fathers take care of the children day in and day out.  They nurture and care for these children along with their wife and their biological children.  We are blessed and inspired by the devotion of these men to the future of India.