1. What do you remember from your life before coming to the CCH home?

My Name is Abinaya.  I am studying U.K.G (Upper Kindergarten).  Before I came to CCH home I use to play and I am not going to school.  I never obey my elders.  I used to watch T.V. 24 hours.  I hated God I never pray to him.  I used to yell and fight other children.  And I use to speak so many bad words.

2. What is the best part about living in a CCH home?
I was come to CCH through my church pastor.  When I joined as a new child, I feel not comfortable with other children and I don’t understand what I am going to do here.  But pastor was very encouraging me to stand on my feet.  Then I decided to study more. Then I use to make a friendship with others. When I started to make a friendship with other children, really I feel very happy and I never feel that I am not alone. I started to pray also. Now I become a good in my studies and my behaviors and I love God.

3. If you were going to describe God to your class, what three words you use to describe God?
  • Jesus is good.
  • You are never alone with Jesus.
  • If you also believe him you will become good in your behaviors and you will get a good marks in your studies.

4. In ten years, how old will you be? What do you want your life to be like at that time?

At ten years I may get 18 years old.  When get 18 years, I want to see my life was beautiful and I able to stand on my feet.  I want to speak about God to others.  When I finish school, I want to be a doctor to help other children and bring them to CCH.

These Ponduru girls love to have their picture taken!  Their smiles are so sweet and so are their hearts!  Their home parents have two little girls.  Mercy is 2 years old and Blessing is just 6 months old.  These girls are great with their little baby sisters!   Please pray for their studies! 

Water balloons were a hit this summer!  We had water balloon tosses and they thought it was the greatest game!  They loved getting each other wet!  Sandhya in the back, in blue, is one of our volunteer staff members who helps CCH out when she is on break from college!  She is wonderful with the children!

These girls are girly girls!  When school started we gave them ribbons to match their uniforms.  Most every school age girl wears her hair in braids with ribbons tied at the bottom.  When we went to visit them in school, I noticed that they did not have their ribbons.  I asked them why not.  They told me that ribbons are not in fashion at this school.  They asked for clips.  I told them when they finished their 1st term exams we would give them clips.  The picture to the left is them doing each others hair after receiving the clips!  Gotta love the fashion!  🙂

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