The bigger the dream, the more important the team.

Our sponsors play an essential role with CCH. We believe that sponsorship not only changes the lives of our children, but impacts the lives of sponsors as well. Sponsorship is an incredible opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to children in need. Your faith will grow as you see God work in the lives of every child.

Our sponsors are located in different cities, states, even countries… but all have the same vision: to purposefully equip children with a brighter future:

“Sponsoring a home with CCH has drawn our church community’s focus and resources to a need we are repeatedly told in Scripture to prioritize, and it has brought with it the joy of a partnership that is sustainable and promising.”
– Tommy Givens with Knox Presbyterian Church, sponsor of Nagulavancha Girls CCH home for four years.

“We give and pray because we know that children’s lives touched deeply in many ways at an early age produce much in later life; they will be leaders in their communities, living out the compassion, discipline and love they have been given..”
– William Best, Narayanpur CCH boys home sponsor, 10-year donor to CCH and sponsor for three years.

“Through CCH home sponsorship, the Lord has provided us a very real and effective way to visit orphans and widows in their trouble — giving them the greatest gift of hope and redemption, in such a dark part of the world, the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
– Andrew Costello, sponsor of three CCH homes for over four years.

Sponsorship September with CCH is the perfect time to learn more about sponsorship, and we would be honored if you considered being the hands and feet of Jesus with us!


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