When the majority of us return from the office or school, there is a family waiting for us at home. But, all are not that fortunate.

In India, children without homes can be found almost everywhere. From railway stations, near temples, in markets, under bridges, near bus depots and stops, the majority of children found here are without a stable home or shelter.

UNICEF breaks these children’s circumstances down into three categories: children who work on the street who are likely to go back to their homes, children who live on the street by themselves with remote access to their families in the villages, and children who have no ties to their families such as refugees, orphans, and runaways.

The second and third categories of children are the most vulnerable, as they are easy victims of abuse and inhumane treatment. They’re often engaged in petty theft or prostitution for economic survival. Children run away from their homes for a variety of reasons and are likely to have faced traumatic experiences such as abuse, alcoholism, and poverty.

Our CCH kids each have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind story and have overcome unique obstacles. For some of them, living in a real home seemed unlikely. Having their own bed and pillow with a full belly before bed seemed like a distant dream. But God has made it a reality. Our CCH houses are modeled after family-style living because these kids don’t only deserve a roof. They deserve a home.

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