Hosanna and his CCH pastor (December 2012)

Hosanna is so thankful for all the prayers that people have offered up for complete healing of his little body.

As you already know, Hosanna’s sister, Grace, is not a bone marrow transplant match for Hosanna.  So, we hit a wall in the traditional medical field.  We were disappointed because we wanted to have something to hope in that we could do.  Hosanna’s mom is an amazing woman and she said, “We just have to trust in God for his healing.”  She has amazing faith.

After some research and communication with our director, we decide to take a step of faith by using a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.  Hosanna is currently doing Ayurvedic treatment for the next 3 days.  He traveled to another state in India, just North of Andrah Pradesh, met with this doctor and received medicine for the treatment.  He is at home and his mom was given instructions as to how to administer the pills.  Our staff is also checking on Hosanna daily.

2 Punukula Girls Praying

I would like to ask all of you who pray to join us in a day of prayer.  All of the CCH kids have been praying for Hosanna and we would like you to join us this Thursday, February 7th, for a Day of Prayer for Hosanna.  We believe that when 2 or more are praying in agreement for something, changes happen.  Thursday will be his last day of treatment and we would like to ask God to use the medicine to heal Hosanna’s body.  We will start praying at 8:30pm on Wednesday night (10am in India) through 8:30pm on Thursday night.  The CCH children will be praying while we are sleeping. We will have the whole 24 hours covered.  It will be so amazing to see how God moves and how He heals Hosanna’s body.

Merry Babu from the CCH home in NTR Colony

If you feel comfortable we would love you to leave a comment letting us know you are praying and if you have any encouragement for Hosanna we would love to pass that along to him.  He will be coming to the office on Friday to let us know how he is feeling and we will do a blood test to see how his counts have improved.

Once we have more information, we will update you.  Thank you for believing with us for Hosanna’s healing.

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