Yesterday, you were able to see some of the new kids we have in CCH.  We are so excited to have them join us.

Here are some of the new homes.

Chilkur – Nalgonda District
Makthal – Warangal District
Maripeda – Warangal District
Narayanpur – Medak District
Nuzwid – Krishna District
Polavaram – West Godavari District
Mahabubabad – Warangal District
Aloor – Nazimabad District



























As you can see we are moving forward with 5 children in each home.  In 2012 we filled the 40 2-story CCH buildings that were built specifically for CCH.  We all know how long construction takes and so rather than wait on construction to build more 2-story homes, we are moving forward with 5 kids in the pastors home.

We have sent our staff to travel and see these homes.  We make sure there is enough room for 5 children.  Our new pastors and families are thrilled to bring these children into their homes and raise them up educated and discipled to make a difference in Andhra Pradesh, India!


Some of these homes are unsponsored. Since there are only 5 kids in the home it is only $250/month to send these kids to English speaking school and provide for their food and provisions.  Do you know 5 people who would want to get together and give $50/month or 10 people to give $25/month?  If you are interested in sponsorship information, please email us at

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