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Providing Family-Style Homes and Education for Children in Crisis

One home, TEN orphaned or abandoned children

The children nurtured in these homes will have a chance to grow and take advantage of opportunities that will enhance the life of the entire village in coming years, challenging the cycle of poverty that regularly grips rural Indian villages.

    Raising hundreds of children is no easy task and there are always ongoing projects and dreams […]

    Partnership with Covenant Children’s Homes is more than just a financial transaction.  We strive to create […]

    In a Covenant Children’s Home, we create an atmosphere of love and belonging, where the children […]

    Come Experience

    Covenant Children’s Homes has been hosting short- and long-term volunteers in multiple capacities for many years […]


Partner with us to stem the tide of perpetual poverty in rural India.

100% of your donation goes directly to the children of CCH.